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About Us

The Great British Cheesecake Company began in a tiny flat in Piccadilly in 2016. We began with mainly fridge-set cheesecakes but, following our first Fine Food Market at Partridges in Chelsea, realised that our customers were far more keen on our baked offerings. So we concentrated our efforts on large, freshly baked cakes, and the fridge-set varieties were quickly replaced.

We grew quickly and by 2017 were appearing weekly at many of London's food market food markets. However, these were rather weather dependent and we realised that, if you are planning to grow, doing this whilst reliant on the weather, could prove problematic.

Understanding that, with a small budget, a physical store was out of the question, we looked at alternatives and realised that the burgeoning online delivery scene was something worthy of serious consideration. We were then contacted by Deliveroo and, within a week, were selling directly from our tiny artisan kitchen to customers via this platform.

Growth in this area has continued and we are now open ‘virtually’ at several locations all over London. Happily we still appear at Partridges, as we are keen to maintain links to the friends we have made there and our loyal customer base. In addition, nothing beats meeting you face to face!

Future plans include further growth of our online platform, as well as physical locations and pop-ups.

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