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Never ordinary


The classic cheesecake. Sometimes referred to as 'The New York' cheesecake, this is firmly British in it's
concoction! We use the very highest quality vanilla pods and extract which, when mixed together with our secret
blend of cream cheeses and free-range eggs, create a heavenly combination. Best served with single pouring cream
and fresh fruit. Or stuffed in the mouth, all in one go, without any faff. Your choice.


In essence, this is two cheesecakes in one. First, we start with a chocolate digestive base. Then we add a vanilla
buttercream cheesecake on top, before adding an Oreo cheesecake on to the mix. Finally, we sprinkle Oreo crumbs
over the top. Because, let's be honest; you can never have enough Oreos.


An all-time favourite! A gooey, salted caramel cheesecake that is baked and, once set, is then given a further
topping of our home-made salted caramel sauce. Unashamedly decadent and perfect for the 4pm sugar-low. Or,
indeed, any 'sweet-craving' attack of the munchies.


A fresh, glorious mango-infused cheesecake, topped with tangy passion fruit, which is guaranteed to bring a
tropical flavour to any event. Great for the summer months (what with all that tropical weather we get in the UK)
or indeed, any month. Nerdy fact: each cake contains one entire mango. Seriously.


We mix white Belgian chocolate into our classic cheesecake mix, before being topping it with a beautifully radiant homemade raspberry coulis. The result is one that continually manages to surprise and delight our regular customers, and is eaten far too regularly by our staff members. We didn't invent the whole 'white choc and raspberry' combo, but if we ever meet the person who did, drinks are on us. Genius.


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