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Taste Them All


We start with a digestive biscuit base, before pouring our Speculoos infused cheesecake mix on top. This is then opped with a Lotus Biscoff crumble. An absolute dream of a cake for all you biscuit lovers out there! And, in case you're wondering what a 'Lotus' biscuit is; it's one of that little caramel cinnamon (usually wrapped in plastic)
that you get given gratis with your coffee in a hotel/bar/restaurant.



You like chocolate. You love cheesecake. Now, you can have both. We mix a rich Belgian chocolate into our
classic cheesecake mix, and then bake the result to absolute perfection. The purists say chocolate cheesecakes are
an affront to all things holy. Clearly, they've never tried this beauty. Twits.



An absolute classic and one of our best-sellers. We take our classic vanilla baked cheesecake and then adorn it
with glazed strawberries. Simple, beautiful and elegant and apparently the Number One bestseller at the
Cheesecake Factory in New York. High praise indeed.

As the summer comes to a close we say goodbye to some of our seasonal flavours and hello t


Our glorious purple creation! Fabulous ripe blueberries are mixed into our classic vanilla mix, creating a
wonderful marbling effect, before being topped with a decadent blueberry glaze. Order this and you can be happy
in the knowledge you are eating one of your 'five a day'.

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